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Clean Plan will make your upholstery look as good as new

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Sofa cleaning Southampton

A professional clean from Clean Plan Southampton will make you upholstery look as good as new. All it takes is a little time – plus loads of knowledge, the very latest equipment and bags of experience!

Even so, the Clean Plan price for reviving your favourite chairs and sofas is negligible compared to the cost of replacing them.

And this goes for Leather chairs and sofas too, which require specialised cleaning.

How much, exactly? Ask for a FREE Clean Plan upholstery evaluation and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Cleaning your Leather suite will make it look & smell great! 

Leather Cleaning Southampton


1. Free Leather Cleaning Survey.

We can come out to your home to inspect the leather and give you a free no obligation quotation.

2. Soil Extraction.

We proceed to clean the leather using a special mild detergent. This key step in the leather cleaning process removes any soil and grease adhered to the leather by gently agitating the cleaning solution with a soft sponge, We can clean deep into the grain of the leather and restore the colour and the texture.

 3. Leather Rinse.

The next step of the process is to thoroughly rince the leather to remove last traces of emulsified soil and grease. This prepares the leather surface for conditioning and finishing to provide an enduring cleanliness of your leather.

4. Leather Finishing.

We then proceed to apply a leather scent to bring back the natural leather smell. Then apply a leather conditioner and finishing agent to the leather gently agitating the solution with a soft cloth. The finishing cream penetrates deep into the leather, providing a conditioning effect that locks away the moisture in the leather and ensures a long lasting supple feel.

5. Leather Polishing and protecting.

After a short period of drying, the next step in the leather cleaning process is to polish the the leather surface. We polish the surface of the leather by using a cotton towel to leave a lustrous and long lasting shine.


For a FREE Clean Plan upholstery cleaning evaluation phone Charles on 0800 695 6957, or email him at

He’ll give you full details of what’s involved, including the many different techniques Clean Plan uses to treat a variety of fabrics thoroughly but carefully.

And, while explaining that each manufacturer recommends a specialised cleaning method, he’ll recommend the best approach.

So contact Charles now for an informal chat about your upholstery. Or complete our enquiry form on the top of this page.

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