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"Southampton & Winchester's Finest for  Tile and Grout Cleaning!"

Let Clean Plan bring back the sparkle to your tiles and grouting

Clean Plan also offers:

Clean Tile SouthamptonClean Plan has the specialist equipment, skills and experience to make your tiles and grouting sparkle again – everywhere.

Kitchen, bathroom and shower

Here the problem is usually grime caused by mould, mildew and limescale – while soaps and shampoos create yellow, pink and orange stains in grouting.

Clean Plan will eliminate them all to give your tiles that just-new look.

Floors throughout the house

Grouting is porous and easily absorbs grease, dirt and limescale. Which means spilt drinks, oils and fats can make an awful mess – until Clean Plan gets to work.

Natural stone flooring

When it comes to cleaning, natural stone flooring needs treating with care – the kind of specialist care for which Clean Plan has an enviable reputation. Granite, slate, marble – they are all different and require very different techniques to revive them.

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For a FREE tile-and-grout cleaning evaluation in your home phone Charles at Clean Plan Southampton  on 0800 695 6957 or email him at admin@clean-plan.co.uk. Or complete our enquiry form on the bottom of this page. Don’t delay though, do it now!


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